Academic Calendar for your study program in Germany

The academic year at AMD Akademie Mode & Design consists of summer (Mar 01 to Aug 31) and winter semester (Sep 01 to Feb 28/29).

See below for specific dates:

The exact dates will be announced soon.

Location-specific holidays

Holidays 2023

1 Jan
6 Jan
8 Mar
7 Apr
10 Apr
1 May
18 May
29 May
8 Jun
15 Aug
3 Oct
31 Oct
1 Nov
25 Dec
26 Dec
New Year’s Day
International Women’s Day
Good Friday
Easter Monday
Labor Day
Ascension Day
Whit Monday
Corpus Christi
Assumption Day
Day of German Unity
Reformation Day
All Saints’ Day
Christmas Day
2nd Day of Christmas
All campuses
Only Munich
Only Berlin
All campuses
All campuses
All campuses
All campuses
All campuses
Duesseldorf, Munich, Wiesbaden
Only Munich
All campuses
Only Hamburg
Only Duesseldorf, Munich
All campuses
All campuses

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