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The new EU program for education, training, youth and sport is called ERASMUS+ and runs from 2014 to 2020. ERASMUS+ integrates the existing EU programs for lifelong learning, training, youth and sport into a new program.

The program contains three key actions:

  • Key Action 1 – Learning mobility for individuals
  • Key Action 2 – Fostering innovation and exchanging practices through cooperation
  • Key Action 3 – Support for policy reforms

Additional information can be found here.

As the Design Department of the Fresnius University of Applied Sciences, the AMD Academy for Fashion & Design has been awarded the ERASMUS+ – Charta for Key Action 1, for the entire duration of the ERASMUS+ program. The current Erasmus education declaration can be found here.

Having been awarded the Erasmus Charter, valid until 2020, AMD is entitled to apply for and implement ERASMUS+ measures.

The following ERASMUS+ measures for mobility can be sponsored:

  • Study abroad for students (SMS)
  • Internships abroad for students (SMP)
  • Graduate internships
  • Teacher mobility (STA)
  • Staff mobility (STT)

The following countries participate in the ERASMUS+ program:

  • All 28 EU Member States,
  • Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway and Turkey

Exchange activities with Switzerland will no longer be funded through the ERASMUS+ program. They will now be conducted through the PROMOS Scholarship Program.



For further information regarding international Cooperation please contact:

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