Fashion Design (B.A.), Fashion & Design Management (B.A.), Fashion Journalism & Communication (B.A.)

Reflect Yourself

“Reflect Yourself“ is the motto under which all the signature collections are presented. Made entirely from denim, this collection, designed by the 6th semester of Fashion Design (B.A.) at AMD Berlin, showcases a diverse range of styles for all genders.

Download the brochure to read about the designers, their process and the inspiration behind their collections.


With 22 talented individuals behind these designs, the collection explores various topics, ranging from political and profound to ironic and socially critical. By combining the forces of design, journa lism, and management, we have developed an exhibition concept that seamlessly weaves together all aspects of the collection, providing visitors with a holistic experience that transcends mere visual appeal. This interdisciplinary project came to life with the invaluable support of Denim Première Vision and was proudly presented at the 2023 fair in Berlin.

Kerstin Jacobsen
Photography assistant
Anirudh Nuthikatla
Hair & Make up
Claudia Fischer
Izabela Macoch & students of the 2nd semester Fashion Journalism & Communication (B.A.)
Anna Uchiyama via Model Booker
Ayomide Sikiru via Two Management
Shari Streich via Two Management