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Fashion is powerful. It shapes cultures, societies, politics, and economics. Creative visionaries want to realize their own ideas, but success requires more than passion and creative drive. When studying Fashion Design (B.A.) at AMD Akademie Mode & Design, you will develop a unique artistic signature. You will acquire knowledge about fashion industry principles, gain theoretical and practical skills, and learn to successfully implement your ideas.


Career prospects with your Fashion Design Bachelor’s program

Craftsmanship and technical skills are just as important as a scientific background when it comes to being a fashion designer. Sensitivity to social, cultural, and economic influences is essential in creating fashion designs with impact. Most importantly, you need to be able to recognize fashion’s sustainable responsibility in society. With this skill set, you’ve got plenty of career opportunities in the fashion world.

  • After completing your studies in Fashion Design (B.A.), your career prospects are varied as the study program itself. You could join a fashion brand’s design department or launch your own label. You can also get into trend research, fashion styling, fashion drawing, or sourcing.  
  • As AMD has a strong focus on not only practice-orientated study programs but also digitalization and sustainability, you are well-equipped to hold your own in the fashion world. Interesting job prosepcts, for example, are:  
  • Fashion designer 
  • Assistant designer 
  • Merchandise manager 
  • Fashion buyer 
  • Stylist 
  • Retail manager 
  • Garment technologist 
  • Marketing manager 
  • Sales manager 
  • Fashion illustrator 

After your Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, you can continue your education and join a Master’s program.

Your Fashion Design study program in detail

During your Fashion Design (B.A.) study program, you will learn a comprehensive perspective covering cultural history and fashion theory as well as materials expertise, product management, and communication.

Through theoretical and practical modules, you will gain more expertise about the fashion industry’s duty to promote sustainability within society and develop the specific skills required to realize your creative ideas.  

During your first three semesters, you will learn the basic principles of sustainability, fashion design, and visual communication as well as gain an understanding of the cultural history of fashion. In theoretical modules about marketing and management, you will gain an insight into interesting parts of the fashion industry. Overall, you will develop exactly the know-how you need for a successful career.

Within your Fashion Design (B.A.) study program, you have the opportunity to choose a major based on your own interests. This way, you can further individualize your studies and truly gain an insight into topics you are interested in. The majors – our so-called Labs – are:  

  • Virtual Lab 
  • Sustainability Lab 
  • Staging Lab 
  • Brand Strategy Lab 

You can furthermore work in interdisciplinary workshops with students from other campus locations and study programs. During the Spring and Fall Academies, you have the chance to connect with many new people – students and staff alike.  

Should you choose the Sustainability Lab as well as a Spring or Fall Academy course focused on sustainability, you will officially graduate with a Fashion Design degree with a specialization in sustainability. 

Next to the interdisciplinary Spring and Fall Academy, where you gain practical knowledge, your Fashion Design Bachelor’s program includes a mandatory internship semester. During the internship, you can apply your theoretical knowledge and learn important practical skills to further your education and career. You can choose if you want to stay in Germany for your internship or if you would rather gain even more international expertise and connect with brands globally.

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