Mission Statement & History

As an educational institution, the AMD Akademie Mode & Design is a place of encounters. Our students, lecturers, professors, and staff members enrich the university experience with their knowledge and points of view. We want to ensure that the AMD is a GREAT PLACE TO GROW for all these people, a place that provides them with the space and freedom they need to develop.


The AMD is the Faculty of Design at Hochschule Fresenius, and we are committed to its overarching mission statement. We would like to take this opportunity to briefly explain the key concepts behind this mission statement.

Our mission statement is published in full on the Hochschule Fresenius website.


We want our university to be a place where everyone can fulfil their potential, whatever their age, gender, life plan, ethnicity, religion, or physical abilities. This means, for example, that our students earn qualifications that enable them to take on professional responsibilities and pursue further studies, and that we both encourage and challenge them as individuals. We know that our employees’ skills and experience are integral to this process, which is why we support their development too.

We focus on collaboration and practical experience. Our study programs enable people in all phases of life to achieve their personal development goals. We provide our students with academic knowledge and skills tailored to the requirements of the job market and foster their social and cultural competences. Our students also participate in our research projects, which aim to help solve societal challenges.

We want to help transform the education market and provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge. Our educational offerings drive the economy and society forward and reflect the ways in which they develop. Teaching and research require independence, which in turn requires our actions to be sustainable and economically viable. We safeguard and develop the quality of our processes and take the initiative in order to preserve resources.


For over 30 years, the AMD Akademie Mode & Design has been preparing students to enter creative and business-oriented professions in the creative industry. During this time, we have developed many innovative programs, collaborated with numerous partners and, above all, helped thousands of talented, creative people to find their path.

Notable moments from our history: