Study abroad opportunities for AMD students

AMD encourages their students to study abroad, as student mobility is a key factor in internationalization. Our international partner universities provide unique learning opportunities for our students.  

As an international student at AMD, you yourself contribute to AMD’s international focus – personally as well as academically. If you want to branch out further and explore more of the world, you can join one of AMD’s exchange opportunities.  

AMD is part of the Erasmus+ program, but you can also discover other universities as a freemover.  

If you are interested in studying at AMD as an exchange student, please contact your home university’s international office for further information. 

As an international student at AMD, you already know how important studying abroad can be for your personal growth.  

At AMD, you have the opportunity to further globalize your study experiences. You can visit AMD’s partner universities and spend a semester not only studying in a different country but also getting immersed in a new culture.  

You can also study abroad as a freemover, if none of our partner universities meet your interests or ideas. As a freemover, you design your semester abroad the way you imagine: 

  1. If your semester abroad takes place during a regular semester, you can get credit for the courses you took abroad. 
  2. You can apply for a leave of absence semester, but cannot get credit for courses taken abroad.

International internship opportunities 

Gaining valuable working experience is especially important in the fashion and design industries. While our study programs are already practice-oriented, nothing beats real-life experience within your field. At AMD, you have the opportunity to spend your mandatory internship semester abroad, experiencing another unfamiliar and exciting culture. You will be able to perfect your language skills and learn important insider knowledge. 

When applying for an internship abroad, you usually need to provide the following documents: 

  • Cover letter  
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) 
  • Certified copy of your grades 
  • Further documents such as job references

Any questions left? Please do not hesitate to contact our International Office at Hochschule Fresenius for further information. 

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