Your Fashion & Design Management study program

The fashion and lifestyle sectors are design-oriented and strongly intertwined on a global scale. Industry and commerce are constantly changing, shaped by digital transformation, sustainability, and increasing personalization. By studying Fashion & Design Management (B.A.) at AMD Akademie Mode & Design, you will acquire the knowledge and skills you need to actively shape the transformation of these industries.


Career prospects with your Fashion & Design Management Bachelor’s program

Fashion and lifestyle companies need well-trained professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of the industry as well as profound management and business skills. They need someone like you who can recognize social, cultural, and economics trends and translate them into market-relevant products that fit their brand.

With a degree in Fashion & Design Management (B.A.) you can start your career as a specialist or junior executive in management and marketing for fashion, design, and lifestyle companies. 

Possible job opportunities are, for example:  

  • Product manager 
  • Sourcing 
  • Omni-channel retail manager 
  • Customer relationship manager 
  • E-commerce manager 
  • Sustainability consultant 
  • Communication manager 
  • Brand designer 
  • Fashion & luxury marketing manager 

If you would like to continue your academic career, a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion & Design Management (B.A.) also qualifies you for a Master’s study program. 

Your Fashion & Design Management study program in detail

During your Fashion & Design Management (B.A.) study program, you will gain insight into the fashion and lifestyle industry, learn valuable theoretical knowledge, and be able to apply your know-how in practical situations.

Fashion & Design Management (B.A.) is a practice-orientated study program. You will learn to understand the mechanisms of the market, recognize the needs of different interest groups, and find innovative and sustainable solutions. You will also monitor new industry developments. The megatrends of digitalization and sustainability are a particular focus of the curriculum. During your first three semesters, you will focus on learning the basic principles of fashion design, business administration, marketing, and management. An internship as well as two-semester majors offer you the opportunity to design your study program based on your individual interests.

Within your Bachelor’s program in Fashion & Design Management, you can choose one out of four majors. Over two semesters, you will gain in-depth knowledge on your chosen major – our so-called Labs – in order to prepare you best for your time after graduation. The majors furthermore allow you to choose based on your personal preferences and interests.  

The majors are: 

  • Virtual Lab  
  • Sustainability Lab  
  • Staging Lab  
  • Brand Strategy Lab

AMD offers you the interdisciplinary Spring and Fall Academy, where you gain practical knowledge. The Academy is designed to connect you with other students – not only from other campus locations but also from other study programs. You will gain valuable experience and knowledge and be able to connect with professors and students. 

Furthermore, your Fashion & Design Management Bachelor’s program includes a mandatory internship. It is up to you if you would like to stay in Germany or travel abroad to gain even more international experience within the fashion and lifestyle industry. The internship takes place during your fourth semester, offering you the opportunity to translate your theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

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