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The Design Department (AMD) at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences is continuously expanding the unity of research and teaching. It is precisely through the research of the professors that teaching is given new impulses and students experience the complexity of responsible thinking and acting in the new areas. Science means generating knowledge and innovation. Considering the Humboldt ideal joining research and teaching brings science into a continuous debate with future generations. The areas of theory and practice interpenetrate and lead to the two research profiles at our university: (1) Artistic development projects (creative projects with theoretical foundation and reason) and (2) research projects in the theoretical subjects (design theory, aesthetics, fashion theory, visual science, business administration, etc.).

In addition, the research of the Department of Design (AMD) at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences is based on two fundamental goals: Freedom of research and joint research. The fact that they do not have to be contradictions is shown by the formation of clusters in the faculty. This is because the professors pursue their own research interests, as they also come together in design-specific research focal points and thus form clusters with different closely-knit structures.

Five research clusters shape the thematic profile of the Design Department:

Petra Leutner

Prof. Dr. phil.

Mitglied im Hochschulsenat

Alte Rabenstraße 1, 20148 Hamburg

Hochschule Fresenius AMD Akademie Mode & Design

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