Creative Management

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    Creative Management

    Creative Management

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    Future in Design & Management

    The research focus “Creative Management” at the Department of Design (AMD) focuses on business management research in the creative industries in order to create a sound basis for practical industry requirements in marketing and management of the present and future. In addition to the further development of the design thinking approach in connection with trend research, other research focuses are devoted to the change in consumer behavior (consumer lifestyles) and future forms of communication and interaction (human-to-human and human-to-machine). The increasing emotionalization and differentiation requires the development of practical (emotion) measurement methods and sustainable business models, which are viewed from the perspective of user experience (UX) design. Basically, the methodological approaches are interdisciplinary (e.g. business administration, entrepreneurship, communication sciences, psychology, sociology, information technology) in order to contribute to applied research in the field of marketing and management within the creative industries by means of qualitative (e.g. scenario analysis and case studies) and quantitative (e.g. surveys and affective computing) investigations.



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