Why AMD is the right place for you

Your studies mark the beginning of a new phase in your life. And AMD is just the place for this experience. A place that offers an excellent education and prepares you for the professional challenges that await. A place that creates space for and supports your personal development. A place where diversity, creativity, and uniqueness are valued and encouraged. A place of belonging and strong community.

In short: AMD is your  GREAT PLACE TO GROW.

You’d like to know more? We’ve got 5 reasons why AMD is your place to study: 

Since its beginning more than 30 years ago, AMD has been passionate about the education of talented young people. Our small study groups create a personal learning environment and allow for individual support based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

New skills open up new possibilities in the world of fashion and design. Your studies at AMD have many benefits in store, including our extensive StudyPLUS service. The exclusive online platform bundles all additional services and compiles an individual program based on your personal profile. AMD offers additional services such as job application training, international assistance, tutorials, and supervised open workshops which allow you to expand your skills and grow as a person. In addition, you enjoy various opportunities to network with our corporate partners.

AMD is proud of how practical our creative and business-oriented study programs are. They offer training of the highest quality and many of our professors and lecturers are practicing professionals who design varied and modern courses.

You will gain great professional prospects in the fashion and design industry and get involved in practical projects, develop creative solutions, and build your design and conceptual skills. Real-life projects and continuous cooperation with renowned companies are an integral part of the curriculum, as are excursions to international trade fairs and exhibitions, in-house lectures, and workshops with experts from the creative industries.

AMD’s educational programs are clearly geared to the requirements and needs of the creative industries. During your studies, you will have many opportunities to establish company contacts and gain valuable experience for the start of your own career.

More than 5,000 AMD alumni are forging successful careers with well-known companies, agencies, and NGOs or have launched their own businesses. Major names such as Hugo Boss, adidas, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Lacoste, Zalando, ACNE, Süddeutsche Zeitung, InStyle, VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, Allianz, SAP, UPS, and Bang & Olufsen value their creativity and vision.

AMD maintains an international network and offers you many opportunities to satisfy your wanderlust while gaining valuable experience in the international creative industries. Our well-known corporate partners include Calvin Klein, hessnatur, Peek & Cloppenburg, Marc O`Polo, Douglas, Walt Disney, and many more. AMD is also an IFFTI member as well as a member of Cumulus Association, and has partnerships with universities worldwide.

AMD brings together the next generation of creative professionals. Interdisciplinary exchange is practiced daily, with the spring and fall academies presenting a special opportunity: In the first week of each semester, interdisciplinary workshops are held at all AMD campus locations, tackling topics such as design, photography /film/video, project management, philosophy, literature, personal development, psychology, cultural history, internationality, and many more.

You can attend these workshops at your own AMD campus or in another city, allowing you to meet new lecturers and form a strong team with students from other semesters and study programs.

Any questions left? Please do not hesitate to contact our International Office at Hochschule Fresenius for further information. 

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