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Innovation and creativity, interdisciplinary approaches, comprehensive support, strong practical relevance as well as the highest quality in teaching and research define the courses of study at our institute. Practice-oriented teaching content, professors and lecturers with high scientific, industry and research skills, intensive cooperation with companies, modernly-equipped teaching rooms and international cooperation with partner universities characterize the AMD. Supporting our students and their education in the best possible way is the top priority of our teaching staff.

Quality management

The quality of study courses and trainings are the focus of quality management (QM) at the AMD and the Design Department of the Hochschule Fresenius. The AMD operating company’s QM is integrated into the QMS (quality management system) of the Hochschule Fresenius. The QMS’s goal is systematic quality assurance and the continuous improvement of its managing, performing and supporting processes. The processes are developed and implemented with the involvement of all stakeholders. QM focuses on the entire service chain in the area of studying and teaching and is thus concerned with input, process and output quality.

Accreditation certification

The accreditation and certification of AMD is integrated into the accreditation and certification system of the Hochschule Fresenius.

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For cross-QM questions please contact:

Brankica Assenmacher, M.A.
Head of Quality Management Hochschule Fresenius

T: +49 (0)221 – 97 31 99-758
Fax: +49 (0)221 – 97 31 99-91

For questions regarding the accreditation of study programs, please contact:

Nicole Schady
Head of Quality Management Studies & Teaching Hochschule Fresenius


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