With their clothing style, artists present exemplary identities that can be groundbreaking for future social developments. There are numerous historical and contemporary examples that show the extent to which style-defining artist dresses are of great importance for fashion theory and fashion as a whole. Investigating the clothing of artists, musicians, and writers is a desideratum of research. It is just as important to consider the decay of historical clothing formations, clothing regulations, and the regeneration of styles as it is to create systematic contextualization and classification.

The aim of the project is to explore the field of fashion theory, which has so far been underestimated, by researching artists’ clothing, especially since the transition to modernism. This is to be achieved through two consecutive conferences and fashion productions at two universities, and a publication. The results of the project are of great importance for fashion theorists, fashion designers, and sociologists.  


Prof. Dr. Antonella Giannone, Kunsthochschule Weißensee: Advanced Seminar “Interactions and Interfaces between Fashion and Art”, Winter Semester 2016/17 

Lecture Prof. Dr. Petra Leutner at the Kunsthochschule Weißensee, 19.01.2017, on the topic: “Artists in Fashion. Concept, craftsmanship, globalisation”. 

Cooperation Fashion Theory (Prof. Dr. Petra Leutner) and Fashion Design (Head: Fashion Designer Irina Rohpeter): Lecture “Artist’s Clothes” and exhibition of works from the Fashion Design B.A. course, 4th semester, on the topic “Inspiration Artist’s Clothes” at the Night of Knowledge, 4.11.2017 in Hamburg.