The New Nomad

15 students from Berlin (MD + FD), 20 students from Hamburg (MD)
Prof. Dipl.-Des. Antje Drinkuth, Prof. Dipl.-Des. Susanne Müller-Elsner, Prof. Dipl.-Des. Claus Bortas, Prof. Nil Atalay, Prof. Dipl.-Des. Alex Klug

A cooperation between UNIQLO and AMD Akademie Mode & Design Berlin and Hamburg

The course of studies Fashion Design (B.A.) + Fashion Design (B.A.), 3rd semester

October 2020 – March 2021 | WiSe20/21

15 students from Berlin (MD + FD)

20 students from Hamburg (MD)

In terms of promoting young talent and applied teaching, the cooperation is intended to generate synergies for both partners. The students learn to understand the USP of the global brand UNIQLO and realize at least one outfit using the upcycling technique.

After an introduction to the topic of collection development and lectures by external experts on sustainability and re-design, the students will deal with the topic of the new nomad. The development of a design concept, experimental form finding via 2-D and 3-D collages and drapages, should lead to the design of a collection and the realization of an outfit.

Socially relevant aspects related to the theme are to be considered individually in the development of a design concept.

The development process incorporates international trend observations as well as an examination of UNIQLO’s DNA and the topics of sustainabilty and upcycling.  An interim presentation allows direct feedback from UNIQLO’s marketing department with the students.

UNIQLO provides the young talents with garments from donations of customers*, 70% of which are designed into new DOB or unisex outfits via the upcycling technique. Students are encouraged to create innovative forms to design a contemporary, modern collection of wearable garments with street credibility, upcycling should be understood in the sense of upgrading.

One of the realized garments shall include a material manipulation/ experimental surface treatment.

The development process and the result of the project will be documented through photos and video clips and shared virally.

At the end of the semester, a jury consisting of UNIQLO’s marketing team, AMD professors* and Paris-based designer Lutz Huelle will select 5 outfits per city to be exhibited in UNIQLO’s flagship stores in Berlin and Hamburg in March 2021. A making-off video documents the process and will also be presented in the stores and spread virally.

Interdisciplinary design project led by:

Fashion Design: Prof. Dipl.-Des. Antje Drinkuth (Berlin) | Prof. Dipl.-Des. Susanne Müller-Elsner (Hamburg) | Prof. Dipl.-Des. Claus Bortas (Berlin and Hamburg).

Technical Project: Prof. Nil Atalay (Berlin)

Video Production Berlin: 3rd semester students of Fashion Design (B.A.) and Fashion Design (B.A.) under the supervision of Prof. Dipl.-Des. Alex Klug

Video Produktion Hamburg: Students in the 3rd semester of Fashion Journalism / Media Communication under the direction of Reno Mezger

Coorperate Relations AMD: Angelika Grammozi

Weitere Showcases