Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries (M.A.)

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    Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries (M.A.)

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    Study Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries (M.A.) at the AMD Akademie Mode & Design 

    Step ahead of time and take on a profession with responsibility 

    You want to take an active role in developing sustainability in fashion and management strategies in the creative industries? The study program in Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries (M.A.) seeks to educate designers, managers, and experts along the textile chain and other creative industries who engage in shaping the widespread global change towards sustainability.  

    This sustainable Master of Arts is aimed at future designers, managers, and entrepreneurs, who want to operate in an economically effective and meanwhile responsible way.  

    As a driver of innovation, sustainability in fashion and in other creative industries plays an important role in overcoming social, ecological, and economic challenges in a global context. This study program supports you in defining and shaping your personal role to contribute to future change and positive development. 



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    Where can you study the Master’s program 

    You can study Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries (M.A.) at our AMD location in Berlin. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Study Advice Service. 

    Content and structure

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    Become a driving force for innovations!

    With a very interdisciplinary and hands-on structure, the master covers sustainable design strategies and various other areas of specialization, including sustainable production and sustainable business strategies. You will explore sustainable design developments and trends, innovative materials, technologies of production, and marketing instruments, to arrange value-added chains in an ecological and social manner. You will look into the functioning of ecosystems, the origin of resources, and fair labor conditions. Likewise, you will gain deeper knowledge of sustainable lifestyle, business ethics, transparent corporate communications, and digital transformation. 


    The sustainable study program allows you to acquire analytical, social, and creative skills needed to implement sustainable design concepts and novel business models. Workshops, excursions, and practical projects with companies in the creative industries are an integral part of the master studies. You will work closely with our professors and industry experts in an interdisciplinary and intercultural study environment. 


    Master of Arts, 90 Credits

    Admission and application 

    Career prospects

    Promising career prospects await you with a degree in Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries (M.A.) 

    You will acquire the skills to help companies in the fashion and cultural industries transform their product and service portfolios and organizations. Work as a sustainable designer for your own label, or work as a product manager or CSR manager in the textile and clothing industry and the creative industries. Become an initiator of innovation and develop new business models. 

    The master’s degree qualifies for the following positions in the fashion and creative industries, lifestyle and consumer goods industry, in cultural institutions and in NGOs: 

    • Product designer/product manager 
    • CSR-/sustainability manager 
    • Marketing/PR manager 
    • Business consultant/project manager 
    • Innovation manager/change agent 
    • Creative director/chief design officer 
    • Management of your own start-up 


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